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So you love discovering new music and bands, but sometimes it's difficult to find the band's that you want to listen to in amongst everything else that is out there? Well friend, you've come to the right place as Musicinthevein has specifically been built to help you discover emerging bands and musicians, in a way that makes sense. When a band creates a profile on Musicinthevein, they tag up to 6 famous artist who they sound like, rock out on stage like or have been influenced by. As a listener, you can search by famous artist, and the bands who have tagged those artists return in your search. From there, you can listen, watch and connect with the bands, but here’s where it gets cool. As a listener, you can “Agree” with bands tags, and this means that more the listener Community agree with bands tags, the more accurate the search becomes. I know....we amaze ourselves at times too. So create a profile, start Discovering emerging talent and look forward to being smug as hell when you get to tell your friends you've been listening to that band for years before they got big!

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Picture the scenario; You’re prompting your gig or EP, you ask someone if they are interested and the first thing they ask is, “Who do you sound like?" I guess that gets pretty annoying after a while, but here's the thing, it's how people relate to you. No fighting it so why not embrace it? When you register a profile on Musicinthevein, you select up to 6 bands that you are similar to, whether in sound, influence or stage presence (I suppose you could go for looks as well…). You can upload your tunes, music videos and live gigs and when a listener searches for one of the bands you’ve tagged, your profile pops up. People can listen, watch your videos and connect with you. If they “Agree” with your tags, you appear higher up the search the next time someone uses the site to find Musicinthevein of one of the bands you’ve tagged.

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